Why do we drink Carbonated Cold Drink instead Fruit Juice?

Why do people prefer Carbonated Cold Drink over fresh fruit juice???

This is very basic question I have been asking myself from long time... 

Generally,  I don't consume carbonated cold drinks but on other hand I am seeing people who drinks carbonated drinks just like having water. 
Some of my friend and relatives always go for Coke with Pizza and their reason for having Coke is “They can not digest heavy meal like pizza without Coke.” Actually I find this reason a little funny. Because as per my knowledge till today "Carbonated drinks doesn't help us in any ways to digest food."  But Yes, I agree that it helps in reducing acidity.

In college canteen, most of my friends buy Mountain Dew / 7up / Sprite along with lunch and they consume those drinks to replace water needs at the time of lunch. And their reason is water at canteen is not good.  For the record,  let me tell you that we also have a fresh fruit juice center besides college canteen but all those friend of mine never thought of replacing their water need with a glass of Juice instead of Carbonated one.

This makes me think that "why??"  "Why??  No one thinks about it???" 
How these Big cold drink  companies changed our drink preferences???  

Almost Everyone knows which one is more hygienic, 

Carbonated drinks or Fresh Fruit Juice??? 
But still most of the people prefers Carbonated drinks.  

Taste might be one of the reason but its definitely not whole n sole reason behind it. 

All those big multinational company have huge Marketing team consist of many kind of experts in their domain. You believe it or not, those people knows Human psychology better than all of us (Consumers) and they play with our brain all the time. I realize that one when following incident took place.

Generally, we use some products /  Service and if we like those then we recommend it to our loved ones. But one days someone ask me about the a some product and I was not aware about that product because I never used that before but still I replied "I don't have much idea but you can go for some BLAH BLAH Company's product." I answered at that moment but at the back of my head, I started to think  that why I said that???  I haven't used that specific product which I recently recommend to someone. what is the reason behind it?? 

The thing is, if one praises someone/something repetitively in front of you, your subconscious brain creates a picture about it and since its a praise about it, your subconscious definitely creates a beautiful picture. and all this happens unknowingly. 

Let me explain you with a good example... (Spoiler)
           You might have seen the 2015 film "Drishyam", In which Ajay Devgan make people believe that He was in Panji on 2nd Oct. All those people unknowingly lies to police stating Ajay Devgan and his family was in Panji on 2nd Oct. and all those people were thinking all the time that whatever they said to police was 100% truth. but what actually happens is Ajay Devgan incepts the idea of  his families presence in panji in their subconscious brain. 

Similarly, All these Big companies are incepting the idea of their Product / Service being best all the time through Advertisement (Banners, Posters, hoardings, Online/TV commercials.) and In most of the cases they use a face of Big Star (Film-star, Cricketer, etc.) to do such praising i.e. Incepting their idea into our brain. We are listening praise about their product all the time but what we are not focusing is "who is the one who is praising all those things??" Its them only. They are praising them-self all the time through different media. and you all know "Self praising doesn't have any value." and we fall into false commercials and become like those people from Drishyam who thinks they are saying truth but end-up speaking lies to our loved ones.

Other than that, There are some more reason of preferring Carbonated drinks over Fruit Juices.... 

One more reason, If you see the Size of Coke bottle opening, A common man takes more than 5 min to drink 200 ml coke with pleasure (Considering its carbonated). But on other hand if your try to drink 200 ml fruit juice (which comes in a glass), It takes definitely less time than that of first one. The point is, Those small opening bottles gives you longer pleasure of having drink. These manufacturing companies  consider all those factors while deciding shape/ size of the product. 
For Example, a toothpaste company Colgate come up with idea of increasing the opening size of their toothpaste tube in order to increase the Sells in market. (Due to increased opening of tube, more amount of paste comes out resulting more sells of the product.) 

Last and simple reason is, A glass of Juices starts from ₹25/- but Coke is priced at ₹12/-. Finalizing Price of the product is also a part of Marketing. This price difference also make people go for carbonated drinks instead of fruit juice. 

I might have forgot to mention many other reasons like juice / drinks availability in Malls, McD, Domino's and KFC, etc.  But in that case we don't have choice. So, while writing, I'm considering the places where we have choice... 

From all those example, it is clear that your brain is following some others command and too unknowingly. So please start asking questions to yourself. "Why??" /  "Why did I do that???" 

You yourself have to think about "Your Health", Those companies are thinking about their own. Be aware and about the present scenario and take Wise Decision!

I am not saying that you all should stop drinking all kind of cold drinks from now. Along with many side effects there might be some positive points of all those drinks. but I request you all to think and not to follow anyone / anything blindly. 

After all its all about "OUR AND OUR LOVED ONE'S HEALTH"

I just pen down my thoughts here, Please feel free to express your thoughts. Suggestions (presented in decent manner) are always welcome.

Thank You Very Much...!
                                                       -Akshay P Daga

Disclaimer: I have used some companies name in my blog, But that doesn't mean I am targeting those companies. Here In my blog those name represents all those kind of companies. I don't have any personal issue with those companies.


  1. Well said Akshay. Very true.

  2. nice article on why carbonated vs fresh juice. Other than the marketing stuff, advt, human psychology, bottle shape and design. There are few more factors why they drink carbonated drinks.
    1. something in sealed bottles, they think is well processed. When you order a mosambi ( fresh lime) , they are not sure if the fruits are fresh, cleanly washed, have additional layer of pesticides going into guts. quality of ice and sugar is mixed into the juice.

    2. When both are packaged drinks e.g. fruity vs coke, they prefer the bitter taste than the sweeter fruity.

    3. Fruity adds have kids smaller than 12 yrs and Coke or Pepsi or Thumbsup advts are showing more of Salmaan, Akshay kumar's stunts there by making it more so growing childs into adventureous kids or adults. You would hardly see Salmaan doing 'fruity' type of advts.

    4. Side effects of carbonated drinks - there are umpteen videos showing , coke type of drinks used a toilet cleaners. Slowly the acid seeps into their stomach lining and creates holes to cause punctures in the intestine. This gives them ulcers and similar infections which are difficult to cure by all medicines.
    I dont agree to the fact that soda kills acidity when you drink carbonated stuff. They are all with acidic pH.
    5. These drinks are addictive in nature. Every time you drink one bottle, approx 40-50 grams sugar has to be worked upon, which makes pancreas very busy - producting additional insulin. This hyperactive pancreas , generate more insulin - as habit , which lowers the sugar in the blood , bit more ... which means 120 drops to 76 , when the guy abstains from carbonated drinks for 2 sittings. He feels that his body is not getting enough energy, then his craving takes him to drink 2 bottles in place of one bottle. This makes pancreas to run at further velocity , to reach back to 120, or 90. so to reduce the pancreas activity, typically, pre diabetic or fatty condition ( which means you are above your BMI index and obese... the person always tries to add few more sugar doses ).
    A good doctor ( diabetologist), will not cut down your drinks overnight. He will reduce the drinks slowly to see that pancreas does not run full throttle and slowly comes back to normal.
    This vicious cycle or trap , makes the person becomes addictive.
    6. Lets assume the person drinking coke with Pizza says , if he does not drink coke, then pizza can not be broken into digestible food. This experience is true. Pizza has lots of cheese or fat in top layer and the bread below is not freshly cooked. The bread used is prepared with yeast type of combination. To break the fatty cheese, you will need additional acid, to break it. The drinks of these kind have some of the acids.
    The key reason is virtual reduction of hunger. Soda is added by vendors into food , when they makes meals which they dont want people to relish. They would create best food in buffet lunches and to reduce consumption, the soda does its act.
    Carbonated drink + pizza, saves the guy from eating full pizza. It all depends upon, when he starts drinking the soft drink , just before the meals, alongwith the meals or after having full meals.

    7. Finally, human nature is aping others. When people wear torned jeans as fashion, the looks, photos and their status does not add value. This is basically follow what others are doing in the society.

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  4. High concentration of sugar is drawing off water as well because your kidneys try to expel the excess sugar out of the blood. When you drink a caffeinated soda or herbal cold drink to quench your thirst, you will actually become even thirstier.

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