Freescale/NXP MPC5606B: LED Toggle Program


In this program, LED1 on TRK-MPC5606B board Toggles after some delay.

Delay is generated using "for" loop only which is not the recommended way. (Delay in this program is not accurate delay.)

Problem Statement:To Toggle the LED1 from TRK-MPC5606B board.

                                  (144-pin LQFP package)
LED No. => Port No. => Pad No. => Pin No.
LED1    => PE[4]    => PCR[68] => PIN 132
LED2    => PE[5]    => PCR[69] => PIN 133
LED3    => PE[6]    => PCR[70] => PIN 139
LED4    => PE[7]    => PCR[71] => PIN 140

To change the time for which LED1 should be  ON and OFF, Change the constant value from if condition


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