Why did I purchase Elektron M368+ over Hero Lectro electric cycles & My honest review about M368+

Elektron M368+
I was thinking of getting a cycle for daily office commute. But the far distance between the office and the home was the major problem. Even if we gather courage and use a cycle as the main commute option, It doesn't last long especially when the workload increases in the office. 

After studying & Analyzing many available products in the market, I chose to get the Electric Cycle.

Once the decision was made, now the question was "Which Electric Cycle I should buy???". 

I searched for all available products in the budget Checked out many Hero Lectro cycles likes GLIDE, ESSENTIA, E-ZEPHYR, and TOWNMASTER.

Hero Lectro were budget-friendly options but with some limitations, as follows:

  1. Hero GLIDE, ESSENTIA, E-ZEPHYR doesn't have shock-ups.

  2. All Hero Lectro cycle doesn't have any kind of lock for its electric circuit:

    This means anyone can turn on the power button on the bicycle and play with electric parts like motor, light, horn, etc till the battery discharges. and it increases the chance of damage to the cycle by any stranger.

    Elektron M368+ with Lock feature
  3. Lack of full mudguards in all above Hero Lectro models:

    If you are thinking of a bike for the daily commute, full mudguards are essential. Otherwise, your t-shirt is considered to be gone muddy every time you ride your cycle in the rainy season. Those hanging fibre mudguards won't guard you or your clothes against mud at all.

    Elektron M368+ has full metal mudguard & black spokes

  4. Electric Kill switch sensor in brakes is NOT present in any of the Hero Lectro cycles:

    Paddle assist mode, enable the cycle to detect the paddle rotation and provide electric power to the motor as which helps rider for smoother & faster ride. But when you are slowing down for upcoming signal you slow down your paddling speed but you still paddle. cycle detect the rotating paddle and provide the electric push. So, even though you wanted to decrease the speed, cycle speed increases and that is inconvenient for rider and loss of electric power as well.

    Electric kill switch sensor in brake enable your cycle to detect that the rider is slowing down the speed. when you hit the brakes, it cut down the power supply to the motor. This feature makes the ride more convenient and smooth and also optimize battery power usage. (Elektron cycles have those sensors in brakes)

While searching for some other options, I came across Elektron cycles. They have 2 models M5X & M368+. Out of which M5X is way out of my budget (but, really good product). So, I checked out Elektron M368+ and talked to sells person and finalize to buy one. It was in the waiting period for 1 month.

I ordered my cycle on 6th Oct 2019 and received it on 14th Nov 2019. The cycle looks premium and overall nice built quality. This cycle overcomes all the shortcomings hero Lectro cycles had. It has all the features like an Electric lock, front shock-ups, Full metal mud-guards, etc. 

On top of the above-mentioned features, Company claimed that Electron M368+ will run for 85 KMs per full charge on throttle (accelerator) mode, which is way ahead of all those hero Lectro cycles.

I am currently using Elektron m368+ (4th Gen as per the company claimed) for daily office commute since then. The Cycle is really good but there are some deceptive things mentioned here on amazon and on their official website as well. Please know those & get it clarified before you purchase.

My honest reviews of the Elektron M368+ (4th gen: 11.6 AH model):

  1. Speedometer and Odometer are permanently wrong : 
    Always shows approx double the actual speed and distance covered. (Company people accepted it after the cycle is delivered but they didn't mention it anywhere and there is No way to fix it.)

  2. Carrier is available but it's without that spring and crocodile clip assembly :
    So, No practical use of the carrier. Can't even carry a single notebook on it. (Photo's on the website & amazon are deceptive).
    (I have added photos of the original product I received and Its official photo on the website)

    Original Photos (Spring assembly is not available) :

    Photos from Official Website (Carrier with Spring Assembly):

  3. Cycle saddle (seat) is so uncomfortable that it's really hard to ride the cycle for a single day with the saddle it comes with. It doesn't any springs of shock-absorbing assembly in it. Although, these days most the out of the box saddles are like these only. (I changed it and had to buy new saddle separately)
    Elektron M368+ uncomfortable saddle (without springs/shock absorber)

  4. Mine is 11.6AH model, It runs for around 70 KM per full charge with mix usage of PAS mode (at level 3) and manual paddling and very very less usage of throttle (only when required). and my weight is 45 KGs only.
    The company had claimed the range of 85KMs on throttle mode and 150KMs on PAS (paddle assist mode).

  5. Cycle chain falls very often: I have visited the local cycle store but he couldn't resolve the issue. But, I think this problem can be solved by a skilled mechanic.

  6. The cycle comes with black spokes unlike silver spokes it is shown in the images on the official website. (IT'S A POSITIVE ACTUALLY)

  7. Even if sales executive claims that the speed limit will be unlocked for you, don't believe. It can't be unlocked on this model. Max speed limit is 25KMPH and that's fixed. (It might be possible on m5x model)

NOTE: I talked to company people about replacing the speedometer & carrier, since they are not working as expected. But I didn't get any replacement for those parts. (On another hand, a handle bracket was damaged in the shipping process and they replaced easily without any problem)

These are my most honest review about this cycle.

I must say, I am enjoying my ride on this cycle every day
and I really recommend this cycle to my friend and readers.

But things would have been better if the above-mentioned points wouldn't have happened 
and company people didn't mislead about some of the claimed features just for selling the product.

I hope, my reviews will help you to make your decision and will give your clear idea about what to ask the sells person before buying any electric cycle.

Thanks & Happy Cycling,
Akshay P Daga


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