Freescale/NXP MPC5606B: RTC LED Toggle Program

This program is just to give example of Real Time Clock.

As I mentioned in earlier post, I had used the for / while loop for generating delay in the program. (But it not the recommended way).

RTC (Real Time Clock) can be used to generate the accurate delay in the program without keeping all the resources busy.

In this example,
We have toggled the LED after specific time interval, and delay is generated using RTC.

Just burn the code and Connect LED as shown below. 
No other connections are required.

Program Outcome:
LED will blink with specified time inteval

LED No. => Port No. => Pad No. => Pin No.(144-pin LQFP package)
LED1    => PE[4]    => PCR[68] => PIN 132
LED2    => PE[5]    => PCR[69] => PIN 133
LED3    => PE[6]    => PCR[70] => PIN 139
LED4    => PE[7]    => PCR[71] => PIN 140


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