Many of you might have seen Deepika Padukone's Vogue Women Empowerment Video. Empowering women is really a very appreciable work and today's necessity.

For those who haven't watched that Video, Here is the Link:

It's just like our brain, if male is right part of brain and female is left brain then women empowerment is a step towards utilizing your brain work fully

But the question is, "Is this video really helping women to empower?"
Is this the main message this video giving to its audience?

After watching this video, I found this video is more about "I will do whatever I want to and whatever I feel to do" instead of women empowerment message.

And we all can think, how our future will be if everyone, male / female, starts thinking like this.
And adopt the attitude like 
"I will do whatever I want/I feel..., 
I don't care about others...,

Go to hell attitude..."

In Hindi, "Mere Mann ko Bhaya, Main kutta kaat ke khaya..."
This attitude will lead us towards “HIPPIE CULTURE”...

Every one of us, male or female, at least dream of doing some stuffs which will make you a lot happier (may be for a moment) but at the same time, people closer to you (well-wishers), advice you NOT to do those things. Because either those things are morally incorrect or you will end up ruining some other person’s life for your momentarily happiness. Here ruin means mentally or physically.

And in this situation, things called Morals, Love and Respect towards others which are keeping you away from doing those things and help us being in control.

Here in India, most of the parents spend their time to make their child aware of morals / moral responsibilities.
But in our age, we consider those things as "Restrictions" / "Bandhan".

But such videos lighten a little spark in everyone's mind about
                                  MY happiness...
                           MY pleasure...
                           MY life...
It is a lot easier to be happy without caring about people around you. But In my opinion what matter is, how many maximum no. of people you can make happy along with yourself...
I know, practically it is not possible to for one person to satisfy all people, but we can try maximizing it.

We all have seen many logical movies, If you think/observe carefully, you will find in most of the movies HERO and VILLAIN are almost same in terms of physical power, “Rutba”, love towards their family, etc.

But the only differences which make them different are their ATTITUDE, INTENTION and CONTROL.

HERO thinks about others happiness along his own and the VILLAIN think of his wish, happiness ONLY.

Don't You Think???
So, what do you want to be A HERO or A VILLAIN?

I just place my opinion. Your views are always welcome.

-Akshay P Daga.

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