Python #25: File Handling | Tutorial by APDaga

Python #25: File Handling | Tutorial by APDaga
These days everyone is focusing on learning at least one of the programming languages. As it is said that learning a programming language helps in developing logical & analytical thinking. 

Out of all programming languages, I choose Python. Python is easy to understand for a new bee and it is having vast applications at the same time. 

Here, I am will be teaching/explaining Python from the scratch. Even a person from a non-technical background would be able to learn and understand all the python tutorials for sure.

Follow this free Python tutorial series in a proper sequence in order to get an in-depth understanding. It is advised to do the practice along with watching the video. 

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    • Video is in the English language (So, maximum people can take its advantage)
    • All the Jupyter Notebooks from each video are attached at the bottom of the post.
    • Only watching a video won't make you a developer. You should practice along with the video tutorial.

Technical Details:

    • Software Used: Anaconda (Latest Version) - Jupyter Notebook
    • Programming Language: Python 3.9 (or latest version)
    • Operating System: Windows 7, 8+, 10, 11 / Mac OS / Linux

Topics Covered:

    • How to read/write text files in python?
    • What are the modes to open text files in python?
    • How to check the cursor position in the opened text file in python?
    • How to change the cursor position in the opened text file in python?
    • What is the difference between r, w, r+, w& append modes in python file handling?
    • How to read the whole text file in python?
    • How to read one line from the text file at a time in python?
    • How to read all the lines from a text file and create a list of lines in python?
    • How to apply for loop on a text file in python?

Tutorial Video:

Jupyter Notebook:


Keep learning and make good use of what you learn. 
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and always remember
"With great power & knowledge comes great responsibility"


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