[Video] Interview Question: Invert the Pyramid in minimum moves?? | APDaga

As I have been in the corporate industry for a long time, I have some of my own experience and some due to my friends. 

In my tenure, I have come across multiple interviews. So, I thought of sharing my experience with you guys. 

Here, I have started the new series, where I will share Interview questions (generally asked in the corporate interviews) along with their detailed answer with proper explanations.

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    • Videos are in the Hindi language (As my first language is Hindi)
    • If some of you are interested, then I will think about making the same in English as well.
    • Answering these questions will improve your problem-solving skills.


  • Invert the Pyramid 
  • Make the Pyramid upside down 
  • Move the minimum number of balls to invert the pyramid


  • Please post your answer in the comment section before checking the below-given solution.


Keep learning and make good use of what you learn. 
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and always remember
"With great power & knowledge comes great responsibility"


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Thanks & Regards,
-Akshay P Daga
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