HackerRank: [SQL Aggregation] (9/17) Weather Observation Station-2 | round, sum function in SQL

HackerRank: [SQL Aggregation - 9/17] Weather Observation Station-2 | ROUND, SUM function in SQL
I started studying SQL from a very famous site - HackerRank. Here I will try to provide multiple approaches & solutions to the same problem. It will help you learn and understand SQL in a better way.

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SQL Problem Statement:

Query the following two values from the STATION table:

  1. The sum of all values in LAT_N rounded to a scale of 2 decimal places.
  2. The sum of all values in LONG_W rounded to a scale of 2 decimal places.

Input Format:

The STATION table is described as follows:

where LAT_N is the northern latitude and LONG_W is the western longitude.

Sample data in Table (STATION):
794 Kissee Mills MO 140 73
824 Loma Mar CA 49 131
603 Sandy Hook CT 72 148
478 Tipton IN 34 98
619 Arlington CO 75 93
711 Turner AR 50 101
839 Slidell LA 85 152
754 South Haven MI 145 53
144 Eskridge KS 1

Output Format:

Your results must be in the form:
lat lon

where lat is the sum of all values in LAT_N and lon is the sum of all values in LONG_W. Both results must be rounded to a scale of 2 decimal places.

Solution: Using ROUND & SUM Function (MySQL Query):

  ROUND(SUM(LAT_N), 2) AS lat,
  ROUND(SUM(LONG_W), 2) AS lon

  1. ROUND Function is used to round the decimal numbers up to mentioned length after the decimal point. Here, 2 is passed because we want output scale up to 2 decimal points.
    ROUND(2.7685, 2) will return 2.77
    ROUND(2.3327, 0) will return 2.33
  2. SUM is an aggregation function used to calculate the sum or total of the values of all the records in the column name passed to the function.

Expected Output:

42850.04 47381.48

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