HackerRank: [SQL Basic Select] (4/20) SELECT BY ID | Filtering in SQL

HackerRank: [Basic Select - 4/20] Select By ID | Filtering in SQL
I started studying SQL from a very famous site - HackerRank. Here I will try to provide multiple approaches & solutions to the same problem. It will help you learn and understand SQL in a better way.

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SQL Problem Statement:

Query all columns for a city in CITY with the ID 1661.

The CITY table is described as follows:

Table: CITY
Table: CITY

Sample data in Table (CITY):
6 Rotterdam NLD Zuid-Holland 593321
3878 Scottsdale USA Arizona 202705
3965 Corona USA California 124966
3973 Concord USA California 121780
3977 Cedar Rapids USA Iowa 120758
3982 Coral Springs USA Florida 117549
4054 Fairfield USA California 92256
4058 Boulder USA Colorado 91238
4061 Fall River USA Massachusetts 90555

Solution (MySQL Query):
WHERE ID = 1661;

Sample Output:
1661 Sayama JPN Saitama 162472

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