Fix USB 3.0 in Windows 7/10 in VirtualBox on Macbook Air/Pro

External USB 2.0 and 3.0 drive can't get detected in Windows7 (Guest OS) in Virtual Machine

Install Proper USB 3.0 Drivers insode Windows 7 and Set Appropriate Controller / Chipset to Virtual Machine.

Follow below mentioned steps:
  1. Download following softwares:
    a. VM VirtualBox Extension Pack 

    b. USB 3.0 Drivers

  2. Open VirtualBox and Install Extension pack (Downloaded at step 1.a)

    VirtualBox > Preferences > Extensions > Click on (+) button.

    Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the extension pack and Install it.

  3. Start "Windows 7" in Virtual Box

  4. Install Guest Additions

    Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image.
    Open Computer > Double Click on "VirtualBox Guest Additions" and Install it.

  5. Install USB 3.0 Drivers

    Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded drivers (in step 1.b)

    Double click on downloaded exe file and install it.

  6. Shut Down the Virtual Machine (Windows 7).

  7. Change Some Settings in VirtualBox

    Click on "Windows 7" (in the list Virtual Machines you have installed)

    Click on settings > Ports > USB > Check on USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller > OK

  8. Quit Virtual Box and Restart the main Machine (Host OS).

    You USB 3.0 issue in Windows 7 is fixed  now.

    For Better Understanding Watch the Demonstration Video given below:


    In case some of still face issue  with USB 3.0, then you can execute following steps:

  9. Open Terminal and Run Following Command to Set proper Controller / Chipset
    VBoxManage list vms
    :To display the list of installed Virtual Machine Names.

    Change the <virtualmachine_name> to Actual Name of the Virtual Machine in below command. (You can check it in the output of above command)
    VBoxManage setextradata "<virtualmachine_name>" VBoxInternal/Devices/usb­xhci/0/Config/ChipType uPD720201
    :To set the Chip Type to uPD720201

    After setting Chip Type, Try to Start your virtual Machine inside VirtualBox.

    If It gives error and doesn't start.
    Then, you can reset the Chip Type by Following Command.
    VBoxManage setextradata "<virtualmachine_name>" VBoxInternal/Devices/usb­xhci/0/Config/ChipType
Restart Machine and You are ready to use USB 3.0 in Windows7 in VirtualBox.

To Test External Drive:
  1. Connect you external Drive to USB port.
  2. If its detected by MacOS then "Eject" it. (Keep it Connected to USB port)
  3. Go to Virtual Machine (Windows 7),
    Devices > USB > Click on the Name of the Connected External Drive.
Wait for some time and your external USB drive is ready to use.   

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Thanks and Regards,
-Akshay P. Daga
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