Freescale/NXP MPC5606B: eMIOS0 ADC0 Program

In this example,
- We will be testing eMIOS by generating 6 PWM output simultaneously and will be changing its duty cycle in run time using Potentiometer which is connected to ADC0 input. At the same time, ADC input is indicated using 4 LEDs as follows:

Program Outcome:
20KHz PWM at 
 eMIOS0_1 => PA[1],   eMIOS0_2 => PA[2], 
 eMIOS0_3 => PA[3],   eMIOS0_4 => PA[4], 
 eMIOS0_5 => PA[5],   eMIOS0_6 => PA[6]. 
Initial Duty_Cycle = 10%

Input(Analog)       =>   Output
PB[8] (ADC0_S0)     =>  (eMIOS0_1 to eMIOS0_6) & [LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4] 
ADC0 = [0 to 1023]  =>  Duty_Cycle = [0% to 98%] & LED Indication 

Input Pot value (Digital)   =>   [LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4] Output
0    to  200                =>    ON   OFF  OFF  OFF 
201  to  500                =>    ON   ON   OFF  OFF
501  to  800                =>    ON   ON   ON   OFF
801  to  1023               =>    ON   ON   ON   ON

26/03/2016: Bug:Phase lag of 1uSec is present between (eMIOS0_1,2,3) and (eMIOS0_4,5,6)
26/03/2016: Bug:Phase lag of 1uSec is present between (eMIOS0_1,2,3) and (eMIOS0_4,5,6) 
01/04/2016: Phase lag removed. [clear the GTBE bit at beginning of Init_eMIOS() and set it at the end of the Init_eMIOS().] 
18/04/2016: Remove PCTL[32] & PCTL[68] command from InitModesAndClks function to run eMIOS and ADC together

eMIOS No.  => Port No. => Pad No. => Pin No.(144-pin LQFP package)
eMIOS0_1   => PA[1]   =>  PCR[1]  => PIN 11
eMIOS0_2   => PA[2]   =>  PCR[2]  => PIN 9
eMIOS0_3   => PA[3]   =>  PCR[3]  => PIN 90
eMIOS0_4   => PA[4]   =>  PCR[4]  => PIN 43
eMIOS0_5   => PA[5]   =>  PCR[5]  => PIN 118
eMIOS0_6   => PA[6]   =>  PCR[6]  => PIN 119

SIGNAL ADC0_Channel   PORT    SIU_PAD_CONFIG   PACKAGE_PIN (100 144 176) 
ANS0   => 32          B8      PCR[24]=2000     39 53 R9 
ANS1   => 33          B9      PCR[25]=2000     38 52 T9 
ANS2   => 34          B10     PCR[26]=2000     40 54 P9  

Potentiometer is connected to ANS0 (B8) for this program.

Frequency Calculation of PWM:     
         For "x" Hz Frequency, B_VAL = 1/[(x)*10^-6]  
Duty Cycle Calculation of PWM:    
         For "y" % Duty Cycle, A_VAL = (y)*100/(x)

Testing:- Output PWM waveform can be observed on DSO.
- Potentiometer input can be seen approximately on 4 LEDs in discrete range.
Make the connections shown below:
- Connect DSO probe +ve terminal to eMIOS0_1 PA[1] and DSO prob gnd to the gnd of the TRK-MPC5606B board.
- Similarly, Connect remaining eMIOS0 and test it.


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